The Other Side Of Pretty

Meet THE COLOR BLUE’S favorite characters: Bobbie, Kyle, Jessica, & Nicole.

The fear of losing her epileptic daughter started years prior when Bobbie carelessly left her unattended in a shopping cart. Her paranoia turned reality when Amber was kidnapped. Police advised her to give up on her search for Amber, but the hole in her heart won’t let her. Bobbie rediscovers her love for spoken word and a new man who just happens to be her true love’s brother. She will discover that brothers aren’t cut from the same cloth.

Kyle is trying to make his relationship work with his live-in girlfriend, Rasheida. Her dark complexion and his insecurities about his dark complexion prevent him from letting his guard down and starting a family with her. His disdain for his ex-best friend who shares his first name who is now in a relationship with the mother of his daughter reveals a vindictiveness he wasn’t aware he had.

Who is Jessica Johnson? Is she a nice girl, or is she a murderer? She has been hiding in plain sight for years, but her past may be revealed in the darkness she hides inside. Her relationship with Kyle is running thin along with her patience. She will never play step-mother if she isn’t a wife.

Nicole is gay. No, Nicole is bi-sexual. No, Nicole is confused. In a relationship with her girlfriend Harmony, Nicole found the love of her life that she wanted to bring home to her mother, Anita. However, Anita doesn’t believe in gay. Nicole’s heart is set on trying to prove to her mother that she is happily gay, but her mother’s intentions may be to show her that with a little bit of enticing, her partner may change teams to play with boys.

The blues of Bobbie, Kyle, Jessica, and Nicole has composed a sad song of wrong doings that need to be corrected. Everyone knows that God don’t like ugly, so they’ll meet faith on the other side of pretty, and it ain’t cute.

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